Bereavement Care

At some time in their lives everyone will experience bereavement and grief. It can be among the most distressing events any person may face, the impact being influenced by many different things.

Bereavement is an individual, as well as complex experience, two people rarely react in the same way, this makes understanding and coping with the bereavement process very difficult in many cases.

As Funeral Directors, we are often involved at the beginning of the grieving process. Denise Wellington Funeral Services will show empathy, care, and support, through the many potential stages of grief you may go through, such as shock & disbelief, denial of what has happened, coping without a loved one & looking to the future.

We are devoted to affording every one of our clients the time required to help them through the process over the Months and Years following the Funeral. This may include helping you make contact with various support groups, or a simple chat over a cup of tea or coffee at our premises where everything is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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