Burial or Cremation

The choice of whether the service will be a burial or cremation is often determined by the deceased who may have stated this in their will, or through personal wishes. If this has not been made clear, then the next of kin will make the decision.

A Churchyard or Cemetery is the traditional place for a burial, especially if you have an existing grave or family plot.

There are other options such as natural burial grounds, woodland burial grounds or specific places at sea.

If cremation is chosen, you may decide to hold the full service at the chosen Crematorium or, you may prefer to hold the service in another place, like a Church, and then have a shorter service called a ‘committal’ at the Crematorium.

We are able to offer further information, advice, and assistance in completing  the necessary paperwork to allow either the burial or cremation to take place.

Dealing with the cremated remains, at the appropriate time for you, is an important part of the funeral ceremony. You may choose to hold another small private service at a local Churchyard, or Cemetery or Woodland Site, or scatter the remains within the Crematorium Garden of Remembrance. We can advise you on other alternatives, and any permission that may be required from the relevant local authorities or landowners.

There are a range of caskets, urns or scatter tubes – we can discuss these options, and show you the many choices that are available.

Additional Information

For additional information on natural burial visit the Atlantic Rest website.

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