The Coroner – When The Death Is Sudden Or Unexpected

Denise Wellington Funeral Services are currently the appointed Funeral Directors, who on behalf of The Coroner for Cornwall, carry out duties within the North Cornwall area.

The Coroner will be informed of what they call a sudden or unexpected death.

This will be in certain cases where the person who has died has not seen their Doctor within the 14 days leading up to their death.

The Police will often, when deemed necessary, attend the place of death to obtain information on the Coroners behalf and either they or the Doctor will inform the Coroner accordingly.

The role of the Coroner is to determine what has caused the death. This may require a post mortem.

The post mortem process can take a few days, or sometimes more, once the cause of death has been established, the Coroner will give permission for the deceased person to be released into the care of your Funeral Director, at which point we can offer further guidance on registering the death, allowing the funeral arrangements to go ahead

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