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Choosing a memorial

A memorial can provide a meaningful and lasting tribute to your loved one and commemorates their life by personalising their final resting place. Headstones and plaques are put in place to provide a focal point where family and friends are able to pay their respects and reflect on the memories they have of their loved one.

Application and permission will be required to place a memorial within a churchyard or cemetery, this is something we can take care of on your behalf, as well as offering advice on the various regulations relating to the size, colour, and type of material permitted.

We will be able to arrange and carry out all of the memorial work for you, whether this is for us to supply a new memorial, add an inscription to an existing memorial or do any restoration work that may be required.

The cost of the memorial will vary depending on many factors such as the type of lettering and any special designs or motifs you may choose. We can supply brochures and offer professional advice to assist you with your decision.

All of our memorials are provided by a local monumental mason.

Grave maintenance and headstone refurbishment

For existing headstones and memorials, we offer a complete restoration service that can include additional inscriptions, re-lettering, and cleaning.

Quite often existing memorial lettering requires restoration and this refurbishment of a headstone can make a significant difference to its appearance, no matter what the age.

Over time, ground settlement can also leave the memorial in an unstable position, we can upright the memorial making it both stable and safe.