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Burial Or Cremation

The choice of whether your loved one’s funeral service will be a burial or cremation is often determined by the person that has died.

Quite often their choice will be stated in their will, should they have one, or through personal wishes. If this has not been made clear, then the next of kin will usually make the decision on their behalf.


A churchyard or cemetery is the more traditional place for a burial to take place, especially if you have an existing grave or family plot. The funeral service will typically be held within the church, followed by a shorter service called a ‘committal’ at the graveside.

Natural burials are becoming more commonplace as people who sought to reduce their environmental impact in life, are now looking to do the same in death.

Natural Burial Grounds can provide an environmentally friendly ‘send-off’ during which your loved one is returned back to nature, either within a shroud or biodegradable coffin.

Our closest natural burial ground is Atlantic Rest Natural Burial.


Over 70% of all funerals in the UK now involve cremation due to cost and convenience. If cremation is chosen, you have the option to hold the full service at one of the local crematoriums across Devon and Cornwall.

If cremation is chosen, we can offer advice on the numerous options available to you. Typically you can have a church service that is followed by the cremation or the option of holding the full service at your chosen crematorium.

We can also offer direct cremation if you are looking for a low cost alternative however we recommend thinking about this carefully as there is no funeral service offered as part of this service.

Local Crematoriums in Devon and Cornwall

Glynn Valley Crematorium

North Devon Crematorium

Penmount Crematorium

Exeter & Devon Crematorium (Exeter)

Weston Mill Crematorium (Plymouth)

Efford Crematorium (Plymouth)

Burial of Ashes

At some point following the cremation service, you will need to decide what to do with your loved one’s ashes. This is often an important part of the funeral process.

You may choose to hold another small private service to bury their ashes or scatter them within a garden of remembrance.

We can offer support and guidance on the various alternatives available to you, including any permissions that may be required from the relevant local authorities or landowners, in respect of your choice between burial or cremation.